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The most amazing study of the Calendar ever published!

Mystery of the Calendar
Message to the Unborn

by Vladimir Pakhomov

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You'll read about something incredible!

Part 1 "Ancient Wisdom"
Part 2 "Recovering Ancient Knowledge"
Part 3 "Pictures of the Vanished World"
Part 4 "The Land of the Gods"
Part 5

"Heritage was Hidden Here!"

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In this book, Vladimir Pakhomov unearths fascinating evidence of the scientific advancement of an antediluvian culture that met with an untimely demise. Page by page and chapter by chapter, he takes us through a keen analysis of ancient calendar to discover the amazing lost history of our race. We are led to understand the intelligence and ingenuity of a people who, while faced with extinction, found the means to communicate over the millennia to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed their race can occur again.
Vladimir Pakhomov has deciphered this ancient cryptogram and he has called it - "The Message". For the first time in our history  the Message of an Unknown Civilization has been discovered.

In this eBook, Vladimir Pakhomov begins to acquaint you with this  message that was left to us many thousands of years ago by a civilization much more advanced than ours. Can this be paleo-SETI?
We have been unable to create a similar Message. The Message was written in the language of mathematics. This is a language that mankind has repeatedly forgotten, but which is always restored with the continuing development of civilizations.  It contains an ocean of information. It is the "encyclopedia" of knowledge. Full decoding and understanding of the Message will require many years.
The Message, in particular, contains information about a global catastrophe in the history of the Earth, about the rebirth of life after this catastrophe and about the reasons and the method of prediction of similar catastrophes. This allows us to understand the source of mythology and religions of all our cultures. Reading this book will really make you think and wonder!

Reader's Questions Answered

I am frequently asked:
"What is the "cryptogram" that you have deciphered?"
I shall explain a little here about the ancient cryptogram, how it looks,  from where I derived these extraordinary images.
At the website, "Message to the Unborn", you can see the following images: the head of a fish, the mermaid, Oannes, Thoth, a map of  'Atlantis' and an ancient map of the North American continent. You will  see many other surprising images. All these images are encoded in our ancient calendar! For many years, I have researched the great monument of ancient wisdom, the message of an unknown civilization. To be candid,  I have already gotten used to the idea that only I know this improbable truth of the cryptogram. But the time has come to share the discovery, although for me, it's sad to have to part with this secret.

Is there evidence that this vanished civilization actually existed?
Yes, there is. And one of the most significant pieces of evidence is the calendar. The calendar has come to us from deep antiquity and now we use only a small remnant of it. Our calendar is part of a great heritage from our ancestors. It is that mysterious book, about which all legends speak vaguely. Having restored its initial design, we will restore the ancient knowledge and the unexplored horizons will open up before us. I will show you how a forgotten civilization has transmitted its knowledge to us.

Who could use an advanced mathematics many thousand years ago?
Who could use a digital data communication?
Who could leave us this Calendar-Message in the digital form?
What kind of technology, and what state of science and culture, would have been required to do a job like this?

A word from the author:
My book is based on scientific research yet I have written about my discovery so that it's easy for anyone to understand.
After you've read the book, you'll understand that it's a real message that was left for future generations (such as ours) to discover. The truth may seem startling - even incredible - but it's true,  nonetheless! We do need to admit to theory that has the incontrovertible evidence. You can check out all my results without leaving your computer. These facts, that I discovered about mankind's past, are more  amazing than any fantasy. It's a legend revived.

You will find more info on the webpage

Publisher's Comments about the eBook.
I am astounded by the quality of this eBook. Don't miss the surprising, exciting, fascinating conclusions.  Vladimir exposes the wondrous results he has obtained from years of research.  His discovery is of great significance to scientists and historians alike. Vladimir is a very talented man and it shows in his meticulous work.  He's done an incredibly detailed mathematical analysis on the calendar.  It's a beautifully illustrated eBook presented in a series of parts. The price of $20.35 for the book is incredible value considering the work that has gone into it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Note: A printed version may become available next year.
- Dr John Flynn

Reader's Comments about Vladimir's book.

"A super book! Although written to the general public, this book is not light reading. Vladimir Pakhomov's mathematically based deciphering of the calendar-cryptogram provides further evidence that there was indeed a technically advanced civilization on earth. The information contained in this book should be broadcast globally, with international interdisciplinary conferences convened immediately."
- Colin Lutts

"One of the most interesting books I've read in a long time!
Vladimir Pakhomov is truly a Renaissance Man when it comes to knowledge. His never-ending curiosity has put together calendar, mathematics, astronomy, astrology,  mythology, and a few ingenious hunches of his own and out came a truly revolutionary Discovery! Fantastic reading!"
- George Henry

"Sir your work is truly amazing!  I have read and re-read your book now a couple of times.  I truly believe that your work and book is the most amazing I have ever had the pleasure to read.
  I personally have read many articles and books about ancient cultures and all of your facts have been perfect as far as I could tell. Thank you for the mind expanding pleasure of your work!"

- Nicholas Ferguson

"I bought your e-book and I am enjoying it greatly. Glad I made the purchase. ..."
- Leonard Morris

"To Me, Your material is concise, well written and easy to understand. It is Logical, well ordered, it flows well and I find it fascinating. I believe the translation is well done."
- Rolf Johnson

About the Author:
The brief biography of Vladimir Leonidovich Pakhomov

  Vladimir was born in 1943 in Yaroslavl, a city on the river Volga, in Central Russia. 
  He is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics - M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is a mathematician by profession.
  He has worked in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna).
He has published more than 50 scientific articles.

  Vladimir served in the Russian military service as an officer of the Space Agency of Russia which is the counterpart to NASA in the United States.
  He held the office of Deputy Director of the Institute for Physical and Technical Problems. Vladimir has been self-employed since 1996. His recent work has involved researching the cryptogram-calendar, writing books and articles, as well as spending time to create his web site.
  Vladimir is not only a professional mathematician but a researcher of  ancient monuments, calendars, mythology and astronomy. In 1996 Vladimir began publishing his research into unresolved questions in calendar science. Vladimir is married and has a daughter and a grand daughter.

You can see more or Vladimir's work at his website


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Features of this eBook

Title: The Mystery of the Calendar
Author: Vladimir Pakhomov
Language: English (also available in Russian)
ISBN: 0-9580150-1-5
Illustrations: Yes ! over 440 (a picture is worth a thousand words
MIDI Music: Yes ! ( animation, voice, music )
Number of Pages: Equivalent to 920  x A5 pages 
Rating: General Exhibition
Price for the complete eBook  $19.95 (equivalent to 920 A5 paper pages)

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