The Mystery of the Calendar
The Message to the Unborn

Name: Татьяна

Comment: Добрый день. наконец-то нашелся человек, который понял, где находятся послания из прошлого. Давно интересуюсь этой темой, так как еще Ванга предсказывала, что скоро найдут послания, которые находятся на самом виду... Ваша книга - одно из подтверждений этому. А есть, наверное, и еще что-то...

Name: Bryan R

Comment: Great information, great website!

Name: Job
Comment: I consider that beside Your site there is future!

Name: Joshua Mishler
Comment: Does the system which you are touching on correlate or correspond (compliment) to the Mayan calendar; more specifically the year 2012 (20 + 12 = 32)? Similarly, does the system you touch on correspond or compliment in any way the Yugas (Hindu), which are

Name: А.Калашников
Comment: "Открытие заключается в том, что бы увидеть то, что видели все, и подумать то что не пришло на ум никому" - Альберт Сент-Дьерди (американский биохимик, основатель биоэнергетики).
Так вот, вы совершили открытие, и пусть оно не значимо для некоторых, но это огромный шаг к познанию того, что пока ещё возможно лежит за предлами нашего понимания.

Name: Prince Universality
Comment: Moonlight Sonata is an elegant touch to a site that allows us to glimpse but oh so briefly into the cerebrations of being human.

Name: Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Comment: God Bless you for the Light you are adding to the world.

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Comment: Thanks for useful information

Name: Sellig Novy

Comment: Good morning! I was just wondering if your research actually found itself somehow related to the Hall of Records described by Edgar Cayce. Thank you! P.S. That music that comes from the calendar... did you discover it before or after the movie E.T.

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Comment: Dear Validimir, You have done an excellent job of research. This is a great, interestin, valuable intriguing site. Good Luck! Regards, Joyce Luciano

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Comment: Очень интересный сайт. Читая материалы сайта, я нашел много подтверждений той информации о древних сверхцивилизациях с которой был знаком ранее.

Name: verity barber
Comment: i am so very happy to see your progress. i belonged to a group who studied The Keys of Enoch. They abandoned it, when it became difficult for them. your research is fascinating for me ........verity

Name: Joan Adamak
Comment: Welcome back. Haven't seen you posted for sometime. Your website and information is much better since you have a better English translator since many of us only speak English. I think you may be on to something. Good luck in your endeavors. Best regards,

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Comment: Your use of HTML and JavaScript is excellent! I really enjoyed your pages. OTOH, see my CALNDR-L message. Bill H.

Name: Excalibur
Comment: Outstanding Scholarship!! Myself and the Descendants and Remnants of the Council of 6 -- brothers and sisters from times long ago -- WE SALUTE YOU. To us, YOU are the Star within the Star. Excalibur

Comment: Hi I found your web site very interesting as it seem to fit most theories on ancients human History and I like the ideal that there are so many theories on human History as I my self is an Bible believer and I feel that our creator only allow certain theo...

Name: george stoltman
Comment: your math on pyramids is fine and goes further. but the egyptions govt. will never alow them to be not the builders of same and will supress all records found. history will be denied again unless the u.n. steps in and forces acces and full disclosure to the...

Name: Lilliana van der Gaag
Comment: I like the wealth of information on your web site. Although I tend to take more spiritual approach, being a wholistic healer, it provides a lot of well researched and interesting data. Good luck.

Name: Rolf Johnson
Comment: I am fascinated by your concept and understand so far. As you say, more information is necessary and I am ready for that information, when it can be provided. I like Your translation, it is easily understood. Rolf J.

Name: Dustin K
Comment: There seems to be a problem. The area in which you believe the hidden knowledge of an ancient race I believe is wrong if it does exist. I have read thoroughly the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and he often refers to "the image I built", and you, looking at you

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Name: Joyce Luciano
Comment: Dear Vladimir, You're site is excellent, informative and very interesting. I wish you the best of success and good luck with it and your new book. Best Wishes, Joyce Luciano

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Comment: I need to put it on my thinking cap.

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Comment: Are there parallels in your study of the pyramids and this study,

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Comment: привет! читал ваши статьи по египту и по атлантиде . когда читал про атлантиду (про трезубец посейдона) в голове всплыла мысль - неплохо было бы поискать его подо льдом антарктиды. я читал книгу "следы богов" там рассматривается интересная гипотеза дрей...

Name: tobey c. anderson
Comment: thank you for the update and congratulations on your progress. i have just returned from an extended holiday in europe and look forward to hearing more about your book. i have a macintosch, so i must wait for the next ebook, unless you've figured out a wa...

Name: Dmitry
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Name: Chris Norbury
Comment: Excellent

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Comment: i saw the fish head! hmmm how does atlantis fit into the biblical flood tales?

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Name: jill
Comment: Hello. I've enjoyed your site (though not yet done reading it) and passed it on to friends. What have you to say of Zecharia Sitchen's interpretations of the Ancients?

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Comment: Excellent website. good luck

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Comment: Keep working on those mysteries and I'll keep checking them out. In truth and Love.

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Comment: A great read, I enjoyed this very much. He who searches for answers will eventualy find the truth, others will never see the beauty. JM

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Comment: I am most intrigued with your website information. As an amature mathmetician / astronomer, I am even more interested in your mathematics supporting your theories and hypothesis.

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Comment: i'LL just guess what it was those ancients were holding was it or may been some case containing there communication devices as in an laptop or some unknown crystal technology that kept them in touch for that time or maybe an inter-dimensional device of so

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Name: Jennis
Comment: Very serious work being done here, but; abandon the use of the meter. It is not earth commensurate. The earth does not survey evenly via metric. The meter buries the truth by one more layer.

Name: Stephen Spiesser
Comment: You make a great point. This issue has been picked up by another author recently (book author or web page author, I am not too sure). In reply (third answer) I would like to suggets that the Gods of the Sumerians, Old Testament (Torah) prophets, Maya

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Comment: Hi Vladimir. Nice web site. Rush

Name: Joyce Luciano
Comment: Very, very interesting Vladimir, only you would be so detailistic as to noticing that...very commendable! I agree that it may be some type of breathing apparatus as that would make sense...but then I noticed the way the Mayan was holding his, it was m

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Name: Nell Lang
Comment: I have been a student prehistory for 30 years. I have read almost everything there is and have bored many, many friends. No one I know believes in anything I tell them about Atlanis, Thoth, The Emerald Tablets. I do believe that the knowledge to survive w

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Name: Andrew Murphy
Comment: I want to contact an Atlantean who gave me a dream. I want to work with him to create a better world. If you hear me please come back.

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Comment: soy un cientifico, por consiguiente necesito mas evidencias, por lo demas muy interesante...

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Comment: Beautiful site. I was interested in looking up and site about Atlantis and was very glad to be directed to yours. I was looking for recorded gliphs or maps. Thank you

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Comment: Good luck with your work. Im always interested in Atlantis and this is how I came across your site. What do you think about links concerning Atlantis? i.e. The Minoan and Santorini(Thera).

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Name: Robert Howe
Comment: The one thing I find in the pictures of the gods are that there is a reptile in or on the man so this leaves me to beleive that man is 1/2 reptillian or vise versa. And in our dna it is shown and that was the final key.

Name: Philomela Bazoche
Comment: Most fascinating information! I have never heard of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth before. Now, since it is known where to dig - did anyone dig and find the secret knowledge? And why are we not told??

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Name: Giorgio Di Franco
Comment: Youre web site is very exciting and fascinating. Thank You.

Name: Robert Neeson
Comment: This is a very Education Site! I had a dream of the fish people the big Question is our DNA make us related? In 30 Million Years Humans be else where on other Planets fair away in the Univers?

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Comment: Hello, Your inforamtion is very important. You arre giving a key of Secreat Knowledge. My name is Lyubov ( I am from Kiev, Ukraine. I am writing to you from America ( where I live now). I am searching for answer. Atlantis, Egypt were my home thousand

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Comment: It kept my interest through out the entire site & links. I would like to purchase a hard bound copy since I dont have access to a computer accept here at work. I live in the country & access to the net is very expensive, along w/it being very, very slow t

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